Back to the Motherland / by Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself

I am beyond elated to say that I am returning to the motherland. Europe. (I think of France as the ultimate mothership, calling me home. No, I am not French.) Long story short, my boyfriend and I decided to take a big "dream trip," so we put six dream trips in a hat. They were:

- Spain
- Ireland and Scotland
- Switzerland and South of France
- Prague, Budapest, and Vienna
- Vietnam
- Belgium and Sweden

But Switzerland and France won. Hoorah!

We are researching what we want to do and see, and I'd love any advice you have!

Tickets are booked. We are going in early October over my 29th birthday. We fly into Zurich, traveling westward (probably by train). He wants to ski one day - I am not the best skier, but I'd love to give it a go. Then we are getting a car and touring the French Riviera (Cannes, Marseille, St. Tropez) and Provence before hopping a train up to Paris for two nights and heading home. (Seriously, this won't feel real until I'm actually there.)

I've been browsing hotels and AirBNB and tourism sites, but I love advice from people who have been! We have such limited time everywhere.

Realistically probably 2-3 days in Switzerland, 4-5 in the South of France, and 2 in Paris. 

Help! What cities and sites (and wineries) are must sees? 

Here are a few things I've discovered:

Chateau de Massillan in Provence, a Mr. and Mrs. Smith Hotel

Then there's this hotel also in Provence I found on Jetsetter. Fancaypants.

This attic apartment in Paris via AirBNB

Definitely want to put my adventure cap on and explore Gorges du Verdon in Provence:

In Switzerland, we want to see/ski(?) the Matterhorn:

and grab dinner at the Aescher Hotel restaurant:

Also heard great things about Lucerne, mainly from Liz.

So many options!

Neither of us have been to Switzerland or the South of France and it seems like every city and village is worth seeing so we are at a loss of how best to attack this!