5 pins from My SECRET Wedding Inspiration Board / by Alaina Kaczmarski


The no fuss, non-wedding wedding.

That's what we wanted from day one. Darcy Miller herself laughed when I told her and said, "Yea... that's good, that's good... Tell me how that goes." She admires the sentiment but you can't blame her–after decades in the wedding business, she has heard bride after bride say they want something very low-key, but it's very easy to get carried away with the excitement of it all. And after the two months of planning, I wholeheartedly get what she was saying. It's been a complete whirlwind and all of the little details quickly add up. But I always had a clear vision of what I wanted. Fortunately, Danny was on board with all the big picture stuff that matters most: intimate, destination, as unfussy as possible, not a show about the two of us, more a celebration of all the people there. He fortunately didn't have strong opinions about all the pretty details like flowers and hand lettered envelopes. Lucky for me–that's the part I'm having the most fun with!

But overall, we hope the feel of the "backyard dinner party" (which is what we keep calling it) is going to be laid-back! As though we had invited everyone over to our own home for dinner. The meal will be family-style, farm-to-table (classic California, amirite?!); 15-minute ceremony on the property followed by cocktails on the house patio, twinkle lights and candles, simple, magical; iPod for music because duh; olive branch runner instead of center pieces and wine bottles on the table... easy! Right? Here's hoping!

There's a lot more detail where this came from including the half dozen or so talented vendors I really wanted to work with for photography, florals, lettering, etc... but I don't want to overwhelm ya'll with all the details! I don't want to scare you off fronting as a wedding blog. I just got back into this whole blogging thing! 

Have a fantastic weekend! We are actually registering tonight! A little Happy Hour followed by roaming around a store tagging our ultimate home and kitchen wish list. Wish US luck. Hah