Meet Caitlin. / by Alaina Kaczmarski


We were so excited to team up with Interior Define on another sofa design after the success of our first collection two years ago!

You can read all about the inspiration and product details over at The Everygirl... and yes, the new collection launched with both a chair (which I really want as a pair!) and a chaise sectional (ok, which I also want...) So many scrumptious options! Neither of which I need. And I mention this in The Everygirl post but it's ID's most comfortable seating fill to date. Like literally. There's science to back that up.

Once the design started to take shape back in October, we were sitting down with ID's founder Rob Royer who asked us the million dollar question, "Alright, what's the name going to be?"

Danielle and I looked at each other, thinking...

We named the first two sofa designs after women who were important to each of us separately, my niece and Danielle's great aunt. Two sofas, two women.

This time there was only one piece so which made it a little trickier. I suggested it ought to be someone who is important to the both of us, and immediately the answer came to me. "Why not Caitlin?"

Danielle smiled. "Yes, perfect, done." It was the obvious choice. "Oh my god Caitlin's gonna freak."

"And cry."

She did in fact do both when we told her.

Caitlin Timson (formerly Brown). You all know her. She was The Everygirl's first intern in 2012 and put in countless hours at night writing blog posts and helping us produce content to grow the site. Four years later, and she's still busting her butt right alongside us as our Career Profiles editor (on top of two other jobs)! She was ALSO my roommate for a glorious 7 month stint three years ago (the first of two Everygirl interns I've lived with. We're all basically family.). And she's now an interior designer in the Baltimore/DC area where she lives with her husband. Hoping to see their home tour on the site soon but that's another story... 

So enough from me! Click on over and check it out! Or swing by Interior Define's Chicago showroom in Lincoln Park to give her a test drive!

In other exciting news, Danny and I are heading to San Francisco today to see the wedding venue in person for the first time! And do a tasting with the caterer! And look for spots for a welcome party and wine tastings. Ahhh it's going to be a VERY busy 24 hours in wine country. Make sure you're following along on snapchat @alainakaz and on Instagram w/ the hashtag #meettheschmiedskis for a full behind the scenes look! :)