Gallery Wall for The Everygirl Office / by Alaina Kaczmarski


Next week we are hosting our holiday office party! Sort of an open house so that people can come see the new space while simultaneously celebrating the season with the bonus of drinking too much wine! Of course that means we have a lot to finish up before then and not a lot of days to do it.

The to do list is quite long so we're trying to prioritize. One of the main items is hanging art on the empty white walls. Both the space above Danielle's and my desk and the sofa have been blank since we moved in back in September... largely because we had to wait to get the room painted which took longer than expected but then because we weren't entirely sure what we wanted to do. We settled on our speciality: a beautiful gallery wall for above the sofa to create more of a cozy home vibe in that area of the room for when the hours sitting at our desks add up.

1. days in paris | 2. fly away | 3. southern cotton double bloom
4. greyscale poppies | 5. beige scene | 6. rise ferris wheel

I browsed Minted's fine art prints–a favorite resource (the large piece in our living room is the 40x30 Writer's Block print)–and whipped up an eclectic selection that I thought would work in what is a very neutral space. However, I couldn't say no to the beautiful Days in Paris print and liked that it brought a small touch of blush into the mix.  Perfect color for an Everygirl office, don't you think?

I also pulled a few other prints I've had in my Favorite list for the past few months just in case any of you are shopping! I know looking for art can be overwhelming since there's an abundance of options out there. Enjoy!