Greetings from my new apartment! / by Alaina Kaczmarski


Last week was the move which went as good as any move can (but still isn't fun). As I was unpacking, I realized I don't think I would even know how to move if it weren't for the helpful ease of these guys. Seriously cannot recommend them enough. 

And now that mostly everything is unpacked, man oh man am I loving the new place! Granted everything is going wrong with it (AC/heater doesn't work, I tried changing a ceiling fixture and it turns out the electric job that was done is suuuuper shoddy, problems w/ the washer/dryer, no lights in the hallway, the cabinet is too close to the dishwasher so the wood cracker, there are no screens on any windows... ah the list goes on). And the cable and internet won't work but Comcast guy is finally coming today! Let me tell you - five days sans internet makes working from home VERY challenging! But despite the grievances, I am IN LOVE with this place. I wake up and walk out of my bedroom and the whole place is just SO BRIGHT w/ natural light!! Everything I wanted. The dining nook and kitchen windows are east facing and get direct morning late whereas the living room gets the setting sun. So perfect.

I also love the wall color although it's a bit darker and more blue than I would have chosen. It's Pelican Grey by Benjamin Moore for anyone wondering. I will likely repaint the living room only because I don't love how the grey sofa looks against it. Otherwise, the rest of the unit is staying at is. 

The skinny black Pottery Barn coffee table was the best purchase, freeing up so much necessary space in the living room. And I am loving the petite marble bistro table in the dining nook (but I'll post on that tomorrow). The gorgeous flower arrangement is by local florist designer Pistil & Vine and was from an amazing rooftop dinner we (The Everygirl) threw earlier this week. Not a bad party favor, yes?