Our Home Tour Reveal / by Alaina Kaczmarski

Tour Danielle Moss and my apartment tour on The Everygirl today!

Last April, my business partner (and friend) and I did something not often done or advised.

The company was growing, we brought on 10 part-time editors, and we wanted to start working together every day instead of at our respective apartments; but rather than spending extra money on overpriced office space, we opted to move in together, turning our home into Everygirl headquarters and our dining table into a conference table.

Today you can see the full home tour on The Everygirl, photographed by the ever talented John and Maura Stoffer, the latter of whom as nine months pregnant to the day when they showed up to shoot!

In addition to our home tour, we are officially unveiling our collection of throw pillows with Willa Skye Home, an online resource where I've been shopping for years! All of the pillows seen in our living room and my bedroom are for sale, and in true Everygirl fashion, their neutral designs easily mix and match with one other and whatever you already have in your home!