Sometimes it's the little things... / by Alaina Kaczmarski


Due to my annual moving, I often get asked how I find my apartments. The answer is always the same: Craigslist. It's basically the greatest invention since The Mindy Project. Oh. Wait.... aw well. Anyway! The tricks are you've got to search often, know your filters (but don't necessarily select "Dogs" because unless it explicitly says "No dogs" it can often be negotiated), and use the search-by-map-view tool to narrow out anything that's not in an area you'd want to live.

Ok, now that you've heard my spiel, it goes without saying that I found my next apartment on Craigslist but the listing stated "Unit is currently under construction. Photos are of unit with the same finishes. Please only come look if you have vision for what it will look like." Vision? I have great vision! (Except for that post earlier this week where I admitted that I in fact have kinda crappy vision). I went and looked at the place and fell in love. The photo above is what the Craigslist listing claimed the bathroom would look like once it was finished. Nice, new, contemporary but classic... good enough for me! I signed the lease.

Within a few days after signing, I went back to the apartment to take measurements and peeked into the bathroom to see the progress and found the vanity above installed. Sadface. Let's just say the reddish wood and beige plastic-y looking countertop were not my favorite... not that it wasn't still new which is nice (way nicer than previous bathrooms I've signed up for), but mainly because it was so far from the look I was promised. I felt tricked and immediately emailed the realtor to see what happened and make sure the same trickery didn't happen in the kitchen.

Fortunately, he wrote back a day later saying that this vanity had been delivered because the one in the photos was actually no longer available. But he understood I didn't care for it, long story short, I got to choose the style I wanted (from the cheapest options Lowe's offers) but still! Exciting stuff for someone like me who cares way too much about this.

And I chose a darling white cabinet, white counter option

Isn't it adorable?! One step closer to the bathroom of my dreams (you know the one–this with a little bit of this and this action going on). One day. For now, I'm still giddy thinking about my little bead boarded nugget. :)

The downside? You're looking at the entirety of the bathroom storage. There's no linen closet in the apartment (in its place there's a washer/dryer–a trade I will gladly take). But hey–I've dealt with worse and have a few ideas up my sleeve. [A lil something like this.] But more on that later!

For now, I'm going to do a happy dance in honor of my vanity victory. And I hope you all have a terrific weekend! And thanks for stopping in this week to read up on ole' LCY. Feels so good to be back on the wagon again!