Plans for the NEXT living room / by Alaina Kaczmarski


It's no secret I'm addicted to gallery walls having had them in every home I've ever lived in (see here, here, and here). But for this next place, I'm going to try something a little different: floor to ceiling shelves behind the sofa filled with my neutral artwork. I absolutely looove those first five photos from the home of Annika Von Holdt (who I just found out ALSO has a very similar skinny minnie coffee table!). It'll be tricky trying to recreate a similar feel. Gallery walls can be so hit or miss depending on the art and placement. I was debating between real shelves and photo ledges, and I've decided on the latter due to the lack of depth. I'll likely just get this photo ledge option from Ikea since I need about a dozen of them, if not more, to fill the wall floor to ceiling, all the way across. I think the other important factor is that I do white shelves against a white wall (which means painting), giving the illusion the shelves are built-ins or not even there at all.


This is the main wall the gallery wall and sofa will go on. Looks a lot smaller in this photo but it's actually about 16' wide.

So here is more or less the look I'm going for! I'll be using my current dining room rug and adding in my new skinny coffee table. I have a different plant I'll be using, but Pottery Barn is currently selling an amazing version of a faux Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. I'm not a huge fan of fake florals, but I'm seriously considering getting it since I can't keep anything alive despite earnest efforts.

I realize the important factor in achieving this gallery wall look is having shelves w/ art fairly low to the ground. But what does that mean in terms of art directly behind the sofa? They'll be completely blocked (which you can see happening in the pink sofa photo above). Maybe just a bit needs to be peaking out the top? Ehh seems like a waste of art to me! We'll have to figure this out once the shelves go up. So stay tuned until June folks!