A New Coffee Table / by Alaina Kaczmarski


Now that you've all seen my new place, you might have noticed I'll be downsizing again, moving from a two-story, three-bedroom duplex to a one-bedroom+teeny den. The size is actually perfect (my current place really is too big), but the problem is the furniture I own is quite large. Particularly my sofa, The Rose English roll arm we designed (which I am married to and not getting rid of). The width of it is fine for the space, but it's the depth that is causing problems (Rose is not a petite lady, coming in at 41" deep to be exact)! Meaning the sofa will stick out really far in the new living room. So just like when I moved into a one bedroom last time, I am in need of a smaller coffee table. I loooove the look of the three-piece circle table I got last time, but I didn't love it functionally. You see, for me, a coffee table primarily serves to hold my feet or my meal. And the wobbliness of the mobile glass pieces were not ideal for the weight of my legs. I am actually now using it with all three pieces bunched together as a side table. Perfect.

Which brings me back to the point that I need a small coffee table! Enter the Burke coffee table from Pottery Barn. As you can see, she's a real skinny minnie of a coffee table, and I absolutely love its sleek black lines. It's very graphic looking and minimal in the room. I personally love the piece because after this next apartment, it can always be used as a bench in an entryway or at the foot of the bed. And it's on sale right now! What's not to love?

As for my beloved, the oversized, reclaimed brickmaker's coffee table that I got at a Jayson Home warehouse sale a few years ago... well, I am just not sure what to do with it. Keep and store, or bid adieu and sell. I love love love it. It was my unicorn coffee table got for a great deal (it still retails for $1000). But this is the second time I'll be moving it into storage for a year... and I mean really, it's just stuff. Why am I hanging on to it? So we'll see...

I will be having a HUGE yard sale (both virtual and in person) coming up within the month so stay tuned. I'm talking furniture, rugs, mirrors, art, pillow covers, knick knacks–so much good stuff I no longer want or need and want to find a happy new home for! So get excited.

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