IF YOU WERE TO SEE ME OUT & ABOUT... / by Alaina Kaczmarski


That's right. I wear sunglasses over my glasses. Pretty sweet, right?

Over the past three or four years my vision has increasingly gotten worse. I blame staring at a computer screen for hours on end day in and day out but that's neither here nor there. The first thing that really became problematic was night driving in the rain. All of the street lights and car lights would blur and have rays beaming out of them. Not fun. Then it became all night driving, clear skies or rain. Now it's all driving. To explain, let me just say if I'm the second car in line waiting at a stop light, I cannot read the street sign clearly. Third car back? Might as well be hieroglyphics. I have prescription glasses, the Ainsworth style in tortoise from Warby Parker, and I have normal sunglasses that I live in (my best attempt at preventing squint wrinkles). But I don't have prescription sunglasses. And I need them. Case in point.... πŸ‘† I've been wearing my sunglasses OVER my prescription glasses when I'm out and about during daylight hours.

To remedy this super cool fashion statement, I looked at the shades in LensCrafters last time I was getting my eyes checked–assuming they could create prescription sunglasses for me. But holy heck all of their fancy designer options were super expensive! Plus an additional fee for the prescriptive lenses. A nice reminder of why I always go the Warby Parker route where you get frames and lenses starting at $95. 

Well today WP debuted their new retro metal frame collection, which has a slightly higher price point from their typical offerings, but I love the classic shapes in fun colors. Right now I'm leaning toward Upshaw in antique gold w/ the green lenses. The longer aviator frame of the Dempsey typically doesn't look good with my full cheekies.


Which style is your favorite? Do you wear glasses? If so, where do you shop for frames?