A NEW APARTMENT / by Alaina Kaczmarski


As I mentioned last week, I am moving again! And before anyone else asks (because they actually already have), yes everything is more than fine with Danielle and me! But our lease is up, and as I said, life, for lack of a better word, has always had a play in my frequent moves. Roommates moving away, relationship changes, rent increases, etc. I don't just move for fun... but at the same time, I really don't mind it. I know a lot of people find it stressful, and of course it can be time-consuming, but for the most part I am used to it, quick at it, and enjoy the "I get to decorate all over again/what new can I try" fun of it all! (And if I'm being totally honest, these rentable plastic moving boxes have changed my life and I'll never move without them. And you can take that to the bank.)

So the new place is in Wicker Park/Ukrainian Village, and I am so excited to be in a more bustling area again! Restaurants, bars, shops, festivals, art fairs–all a stone's throw away. The unit is the top floor of a three-flat, which is a luxury I've learned to really miss the past two years living with very noisy neighbors upstairs (one who would blast music at 2am). It's a two bedroom or one bedroom+office depending on your standards of what square footage constitutes a bedroom. It has a charming vintage details, a refurbished kitchen and bath, laundry in unit(!!!), and a lovely lil' sunroom that'll be the dining nook. Right now the whole place is a lovely shade of blue-grey, but I have no doubt a few rooms will be getting a color splash from yours truly. Now that the lease is signed, decorating this place is all I can think about. June 1 can't get here fast enough!

Anyone live in the area? Any great neighborhood spots you'd recommend?