The Dining Nook / by Alaina Kaczmarski


So here we have the dining nook. When I immediately saw it, I thought I'd go back to the Ikea Docksta table I used to have, but after measuring it out, the 41" round tabletop would fill most of the space. Plus I realized I wanted a new look. So here are my thoughts...

First off, the photo at the top is what the room currently looks like. The second photo is my photoshopped rendition of what it will look once the floors are stained a darker color. In the third photo, I sprinkled a bit of photoshop magic on them and superimposed a rug on the floor and art on the wall. I've always loved the classic look of black and white stripes–very French cafe– and while I was originally considering having custom cushions made for the chairs in that fabric, I opted for a rug. Way easier. If you're interested in a black and white striped rug, try this, this, or this.  As for a lighting fixture, I actually have no idea what I'll do, but I LOVE the look of this wood beaded chandelier (like this, this, or this), but would also consider something more simple (like this or this).

As for the art, it's a huge step away from anything I own (all of which is some variation of black, white, and grey) but I've realized green is basically nature's neutral and I've been wanting to add it to my decor for a while now. Plus I thought it'd be fun to add an "outside view" to the third wall which is the only one in the nook without a window. Minted has some amazing options from artists around the country, most of which can be blown up to 40"x30."


haunted wood | modern herb garden | gorge-ous

With the furniture, as I said in my post yesterday, I am hoping to create an intimate dining area much like you'd see at a Parisian cafe. Fun fact: we often eat dinner at the coffee table while catching up on our shows, so this will be a bright, cozy corner for morning coffees and pastries. Like so:

Quaint right?! I love how intimate it is. Below are a number of combos I've been debating between.


marble top table + wooden x-back chair
iron bistro table + striped Louis XVI chair
folding garden table + woven cafe chair
carved wooden table + white x-back chair

I am OBSESSED w/ the wooden Anthropologie table (and actually this one too), but I also love the marble tabletop for... don't judge me... photo ops. Yes, Instagram is a very large part of my work and life, and marble is a lovely backdrop for photos. But if I end up keeping the walls white, there is a good chance I'll go with the wooden chairs and black bistro table from AllModern. Ahhh so many options!


And then there's the decision of paint! It's currently a blue-grey color and I am 99% sure I'll be painting it (along with a few other rooms) a warm white. But how amazing is it in hunter green?! I would do it in a heartbeat if I wasn't SO excited about how light and bright this apartment is... a nice change from the first floor (and main living area) of my current apartment which unfortunately is very dark most of the time. I'm also loving the trend of this sage/pistachio green wall color!

Ahh... I don't know!

What are your thoughts? Which is your favorite? What do ya'll think I should do? Vote in the comments!