Welcome to the family, you beautiful chair, you! / by Alaina Kaczmarski

new acquisition: an eames lounger replica.

Back in December, Danny, the pups, and I enjoyed an overnight staycation at Chicago's Park Hyatt Hotel. To my delight, the room had an original Eames lounger in it; a chair I've only ever seen in magazines and Pinterest but never actually sat on. Until that night. Even Danny was obsessed. It truly is the most comfortable seat ever designed for the human form. It basically lulls you to sleep as soon as your tush hits the leather. It immediately went to the top of my "I'd like to own this at some point in my life" fantasy wish list of things that would probably never happen. Hey–a girl can dream.

But sometimes, like in the new amazing live action film Cinderella, a fairy godmother shows up and answers that dream. 

Or in this case, a kind representative from IFN Modern. They asked if I had any interest in reviewing one of their reproduction pieces, and as soon as I clicked over to their site, I saw it. An Eames lounge chair replica. The screen basically had glistening rays of light and sparkles shooting out from it I was that excited. The piece of furniture looked beautiful in the photo, and to my delight, IFN so generously sent me one in the classic black Italian leather. Even now, I walk downstairs and can't believe this piece is sitting in my home. Isn't it handsome?! And I am happy to say just as comfortable as the one we sat in at the hotel. Welcome to the family, you beautiful chair, you! And thank you a million times over, fairy godmother! You made this gal's home decor dream come true.